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Lace vs Silk Closures | Sassy Gal | Raw Hair Extensions
(Silk-Based vs. Lace Closure)

The weave game has came a mighty long way, if I do say so myself. I know you can remember the circle closures made from glue we use to wear on the top of our heads. The struggle was most definitely real back then.

Luckily, now we have so many ways to make our extensions and weaves look as natural as possible. I’m sure if your an avid weave wearer then you know all about closures and frontals. Many don’t know the difference between lace closures and a silk-based closure. Well I came to school you on this thing called natural hair weave installs using closures, sold by Sassy Gal.

Closures are used as a finishing piece to close in an install. Closures are used to make your weave look more natural and protect the tresses underneath. It’s an easy way to avoid having to leave your real out.

There are two different types of closures: lace closure and a silk-based closure

The base of a lace closure is made with lace and strands of hair embedded into the tiny holes. Lace closures are usually thinner and tend to lay a lot flatter, which allows more of a natural looking hairline. In my opinion, when wearing a lace closure it definitely needs some modification due to the tiny black knots where the hair and lace meet. One trick I use is simply bleaching the knots to get rid of the griddy appearance the dots create. After I bleach my knots & install my weave, I go through where my part is and apply skin tone concealer. Some lace does come in different shades, try choosing a shade that is best for your scalp color.

Lace vs. Silk-Based Closures | Sassy Gal | Raw Hair Extensions

Silk-based closures are made with a silk base, obliviously lol. They are made with strands of hair embedded into a nude skin like material that is reinforced with lace. These closures generally, due not require any bleaching of the knots. The knots aren’t visible and mimic the scalp texture. The main thing with silk closures is the material their made from. Silk closures are usually thicker, which could could possibly pose a challenge for that super flat install.

The overall purpose of closures remain the same. They are used to give that flawless look and can definitely decrease the stress and damage put on our natural hair. I personally love wearing closures, due to its flexibility and versatility, which allows me to create different styles and colors without damaging my natural hair. Closures give me the freedom to be any girl with any style I desire.


Grab your closure now! 

Lace vs Silk-based closures | Sassy Gal | Raw Hair Extensions